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Dining Services

Thyme & Change

Style: Food Truck

Cuisine: Breakfast Entrees, Entrees/Pastas/Wraps, Subs

Take some time to enjoy the eclectic mix of comfort BBQ, Korean BBQ, gourmet hot dogs and plant-based favorites at our very own food trucks.  


Thyme & Change

Monday: Comfort BBQ

Tuesday: Tacos

Wednesday: Korean BBQ

Thursday: Gyros

Friday : Pierogi


Thyme & Change 2.0

Monday: Breakfast Thyme

Tuesday: Thyme in India

Wednesday: Burgers

Thursday: Subs

Friday: Thyme in India



Operations Manager
Kathy Grant | 614-247-8466

Location Address Hours
Food Truck (Thyme & Change) Corner of Neil and Annie and John Glenn Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Hours of Operation

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