Office of Student Life

Dining Services

Student Positions South Campus

 Now Hiring for Spring Semester.

Current Open Student Postions for South Campus Locations: 

Traditions at Kennedy & 12 Avenue Bread Company

Sloopy's Diner

Woody's Tavern

Marketplace on Neil

  • Student Assistant (Spring Semester 24): ($12.00/hour)
  • Student Cook (Spring Semester 24): ($12.50/hour)

Mirror Lake Eatery

Union Market

University Catering:

  • Student Catering Assistant (Spring Semester 24): ($12.00/hour)
  • Student Cook (Spring Semester 24): ($12.50/hour)
  • Student Bartender (Spring Semester 24): (14.00/hour)
  • Student Steward (Spring Semester 24): ($14.00/hour)

Culinary Production Kitchen (additional $1.25 location differential is included below)

  • Student Baker (Spring Semester 24): ($13.75/hour)
  • Student Cook (Spring Semester 24): ($13.75/hour)
  • Student Driver (Spring Semester 24): ($13.75/hour)

Cafes and Coffee Shops: Berry Cafe/ Crane Cafe/ Caffeine Element / Postle Hall

  • Student Barista (Spring Semester 24): ($12.00/hour)

Thyme and Change Food Truck

  • Food Truck Employee (Spring Semester 24): ($12.50/hour)


Courtside Cafe and Juice 2 at the RPAC: