Office of Student Life

Dining Services

Accessibility Assistance

If you are an assistive technology user or require an accommodation to use the mobile app for ordering food, please contact us via or 614-247-9194 or 614-247-9195. We are working with our provider to enhance the app to be more accessible.

Online Ordering - GRUBHUB

The Office of Student Life Dining Services in partnership with Grubhub is providing pre-order pick up from dining locations.  

Be sure to download Grubhub from the App Store or get it on Google Play to proceed with your order, and your food will be ready when you stop by to pick it up

Rover Delivery Service available at select locations:

  • NEW Operation to offer Rover Deliver: Oxley's To-Go beginning Tuesday, January 18
  • Curl Market
  • Connecting Grounds
  • Mirror Lake
  • 12th Ave Bread Co

 Delivery locations that are currently supported by Rover Delivery

  • 18th Avenue Library (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Baker Hall East (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Baker Hall West (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Barrett House (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Blackburn House (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Bowen House (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Bradley Hall (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Bricker Hall (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Busch House (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Canfield Hall (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Drackett Tower (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • German House (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Halloran House (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Haverfield House (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Houck House (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Houston House (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Jones Tower (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Lincoln Tower (Rover @ 2nd Fl East Entrance)
  • Mack Hall (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Mendoza House (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Mirror Lake (Rover @ East Side Entrance of Lake)
  • Morrill Tower (Rover @ 2nd Fl East Entrance)
  • Morrison Tower (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Neil Building (Rover @ Courtyard Entrance)
  • Norton House (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Nosker House (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Ohio Union (Rover @ West Plaza Entrance)
  • Park-Stradley Hall (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Paterson Hall (Rover @ North Entrance)
  • Raney House (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Residence on Tenth (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Scott House (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Siebert Hall (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Smith-Steeb Hall (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • South of Turf Fields (Rover @ Main Entrance)
  • St John Area (Rover @ Lane/Perry Street Crosswalk)
  • Taylor Tower (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Thompson Library (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Torres House (Rover @ South Entrance)
  • Wexner Arts (Rover @ East Entrance)
  • Worthington (Rover @ West Entrance)
  • Women’s Field House (Rover @ West Entrance)

Key Points to Remember With a Rover Delivery:

  • Make sure your Grubhub app is up to date
  • Only select operations currently support Rover Delivery – Look for the delivery banner on the menu page
  • When selecting a drop off location in the dropdown, look for locations that has Rover in the building name
  • If a Rover is not available your order will be routed to a Grubhub Delivery Driver to deliver your food