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Reusable Container Program

Help us go zero-waste by joining the Buckeye ReusePass reusable to-go program.

Switching to reusable containers can save Buckeye’s 12,000 or more pounds of trash from going to landfill each year. By participating in the reusable to-go container program, you can help our OSU community hit our sustainability goals while also taking steps to protect our environment.

Starting Fall Semester 2023, reusable containers will be required for all to-go orders from Traditions at Morrill to-go, Traditions at Kennedy and Traditions at Scott. You must join the program to access reusable to-go containers and place your order via the Grub Hub Mobile App.   Read on for more details and FAQs!

How does the program work and how do I join the program?

The program makes checking out a reusable container a lot like checking out a library book!

To participate, first ensure you have the latest version of the Grubhub app. Next, use Grubhub to order a to-go meal from a participating dining location. Before placing your first reusable to-go order in Grubhub, you’ll be asked to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the program.

Once you’ve acknowledged the terms and placed your first reuse to-go order, you’ll get access to your ReusePass account. From there, each time you order to-go at a participating location, you’ll unlock your personalized ReusePass QR code on the Grubhub app confirmation.

A dining hall team member will scan this code and the QR code on the reusable container to associate it with your account – just like checking out a library book! The specific container check-out experience may vary by dining location so please see the FAQs below for details.

ReUsePass Instructions

What is ReusePass and how do I access my account?

ReusePass is a web application that helps you track and manage which reusable containers you need to return. When you place your first reusable to-go order via Grubhub, a ReusePass account will automatically be created for you.

You can access your account at any time by going to and logging in using your cell phone number.

You can also access your account through the GH App. Go to Orders at the bottom of the App, select any order you have placed at Traditions at Morrill, then select Track your Containers. This will take you directly to your ReusePass.

What happens once I’ve checked out my first container?

Once you check out your first container, you’ll receive an SMS from ReusePass with details on how the program works and a link for how to access your ReusePass account. You can reference your ReusePass account to see a full record of all the containers you’ve checked out, when they are due back, and if you’ve missed any due dates.

ReUsePass App

When do I need to return my container? What happens if I don’t return my container?

Containers are due back to a designated return location 3 days after checkout. If you fail to return within that 3-day window, the container will be marked as “Late”. Once a container is marked as “Late”, you have 48 hours to return the container or your dining account will be charged $8.00.

ReUsePass timeine

On my ReusePass account, what’s the difference between due soon and late?

Containers that are shown under the “Due soon” section of your ReusePass account are containers you have recently checked out that are still within the 3-day checkout window.

If you fail to return a container within the 3-day window, the status will transition from “Due soon” to “Late.” Once a container is marked as “Late”, you have 48 hours to return it or your account will be charged an $8.00 fee. This fee will cover the cost of the container any administrative fees and remaining funds will go into a sustainability account for future sustainability projects.

Why was I charged a late fee?

Every time you check out a container, you have 3-days to return to a designated return location. Containers that are not returned within 3 days are marked as “Late” on your account.

Once a container is marked as Late, you’ll receive an SMS reminder to return that container ASAP. If you do not return a container within 48 hours of it being marked as late, the status will display as “Charge Pending” on your ReusePass account and your account will be flagged to be charged $8.00.  This fee will cover the cost of the container any administrative fees and remaining funds will go into a sustainability account for future sustainability projects. It may take up to 4 weeks for a late charge to be posted on your dining account after the status transitions to “Charge submitted.”

For questions about charges, please contact

Where can I return containers?

The best place to return is the designated return bin in the dining location from which you checked out the container. You can also return a container to any of the dedicated bins in the following locations across campus:

  • 3rd floor Morrill Tower
  • Traditions at Morrill lobby's
  • Traditions at Morrill North dining room
  • Lincoln Tower 15th floor
  • Lincoln Tower 2nd floor elevator Lobby
  • Traditions at Scott Lobby
  • North Recreation Center
  • Curl Hall Lobby
  • Traditions at Kennedy Lobby
  • Baker East Lobby
  • Baker West Lobby
  • Park/Stradley Lobby
  • Smith/Steeb Lobby

Have feedback on the program? We’d love to hear from you.

For questions about your ReusePass account and feedback on ReusePass, send a text to ReusePass at (213) 212-7356 or fill out a feedback form, linked here.