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Dining FAQs

August 16, 2021

Updated on 8/16/21. Please check back regularly for updates as information is subject to change.

Where are students going to eat if we are de-densifying the dining halls? 

Student Life Dining Services will follow federal, state and local guidance regarding health and safety while continuing to provide students with food diversity and balanced nutrition across the university. Limited seats will be available at many of our locations. Additional seats may be available outside of the dining locations.   

What types of food will be available at the Dining locations? 

A wide variety of made to order and grab and go foods will be offered at dining locations throughout campus. Food items include made to order salads, grain bowls, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, rice bowls, pizza, burritos, pasta bowls, omelets, typical breakfast items, home-style meals and more. Many grab and go foods will also be available including sushi, salads, deli sandwiches, wraps, fruits and vegetables and more.   

How do I order food? 

To provide the highest level of service while facilitating physical distancing, mobile ordering and pick-up will be the preferred and most encouraged option for guests. Please consider downloading the GrubHub app prior to arriving on campus. You can find the download instructions on the Dining Services website. Please reach out to Dining Services via if you have any questions.  

How do I order food if I lose or break my phone? 

There will be limited availability of other ordering methods, including ordering at kiosks or in-person.   

What will be the process to pick-up my food when it is ready? 

Once the order is placed, look for your notification that indicates that the order is ready. You should enter the dining location only after receiving the notification. Typical wait times will be communicated via the GrubHub app before the order is placed. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your order via the app.  

How will I order items from the C-stores? 

All orders from C-Stores will need to be placed through the Grubhub app.  There will be an option to select a specific pick-up time when placing the order. You must arrive at the pre-scheduled time to pick-up your order.    

How will Dining Services accommodate students with disabilities? 

We will have staff members available at all dining locations for anyone who needs assistance related to foodservice. Please feel free to ask and we will gladly assist you.   

How will Dining Services accommodate students with specific dietary needs? 

Options for those with food restrictions will continue to be provided across all locations. If you have a specific dietary need, you are welcome to reach out to us for additional assistance either by contacting us via email at or by reaching out to a staff member at any Dining Services locations.  

When will my weekly visits reset? 

All dining plan visits will reset at 3 a.m. on Saturday mornings.   

How do I order food If I lose my Buck ID and have a Temporary Buck ID?

Temporary BuckID is issued to grant you access to your residence hall and your meal plan. Note that a temporary BuckID cannot be used for the GrubHub app. While you are using a temporary BuckID, you must order in person using a kiosk at the dining operation.