Office of Student Life

Dining Services

2020-21 Dining Update

January 4, 2021

Student Life Dining Services will follow federal, state and local guidance regarding health and safety while continuing to provide students with food diversity and balanced nutrition across the university. Options for students with food restrictions will continue to be provided across all locations. Students with specific dietary need are welcome to reach out to us for additional assistance.

Dining Services FAQs


To provide the highest level of service while facilitating physical distancing, the following changes will be made to operations:   

  • Mobile ordering and pick-up will be the preferred and most encouraged option for guests. There will be limited availability of other ordering methods, including ordering at kiosks.   
  • Traditional all-you-care-to-eat dining locations will operate as pre-order, pick-up locations. There will be a wide variety of meal options available through these locations. Meals will include beverages and side dish items.    
  • Guests will be asked to enter the dining locations for order pick-up after they receive notifications indicating that the order is ready, rather than waiting within the facility.  
  • Staff will manage guest flow during peak hours to assist with physical distancing facilitation.  
  • Self-serve salad bars and condiment/flatware stands will not be available. Condiments, flatware and other items will be provided as a part of the mobile ordering process and distributed with the food items. Guests must follow staff instructions regarding beverage service.      
  • Reusable containers and cups will not be utilized or permitted.    
  • Limited seats will be available on a first come first served basis. Tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.   
  • Chilled meal packages will be offered for reheating in residence hall rooms. Meal packages can be pre-ordered for pick-up at select Dining Services locations.      

Full-service restaurant (Sloopy’s)  

  • Mobile ordering for pick-up will be encouraged  
  • For full-service experiences, limited seats will be available to comply with physical distancing guidelines. The following operational changes will be made:  
  • All self-served items such as sugar packets, creamers, sauces, etc. will be removed from tables.   
  • All condiments will be served in single-serve containers.  

Space use expectations  

  • All customers must wear face masks when picking up food. Face masks should only be removed when the customer is seated at the table and eating.   
  • Guests will be required to maintain physical distancing (a minimum of six feet distance from others) while waiting for food, picking up food and when dining.   
  • Seating will be modified following facility space restrictions to promote physical distancing.   

Other information and commitments  

  • All student meetings to discuss special dietary needs will be conducted virtually. Dietitians will maintain virtual office hours.   
  • Dining Services will maintain a virtual front desk to respond to questions, comments and concerns.  
  • An addendum to the existing Dining Plan contract will be created to assure that all incoming and returning students understand and agree to the new expectations.   
  • All Dining Services staff will comply with the Ohio Restaurant Promise implemented by Ohio Restaurant Association.   
  • Dining Services leadership team members will routinely collaborate with Columbus Department of Health and Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure that all updated compliance requirements are maintained.   
  • Staff will follow all federal, state and local health and safety requirements.  
  • A new safety ambassador team will be identified for all facets of Dining Services operations. All Dining Services operations follow enhanced cleaning and disinfection:   
  • Dining area/front of the house tables, chairs and other surfaces  
  • Kitchen/back of the house  
  • Frequency guidelines  
  • Disinfection guidelines for food contact surfaces vs. non-food contact surfaces  
  • All staff will receive additional training on new guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfection. 

For question about dining, please email