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  • BuckID: Your Meal Plan Access Card BuckID: Your Meal Plan Access Card

Meal Plans

It is important to select the plan that best fits your eating habits and needs.

All on-campus residential students, except for those accepted to special housing programs, are required to participate in a meal plan. Consider your current eating patterns, as well as your class, social, studying, sleeping and exercise schedules to choose the plan that best meets your needs.

Your BuckID, the official Ohio State University ID, serves as the access card for using dining meal plans.  Depending upon the plan you choose, it also separately holds a debit card account balance that can be used at any one of the 100+ local merchants that accept BuckID, including our dining locations. Additional deposits can be made at any time. While BuckID dollars are yours until you graduate, all meal plans expire at the end of each academic session.