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Lobby Tables

Please note that the only acceptable pieces of advertising are those that keep students informed and provide information that will get them involved and provide campus connections. Retail sales, sale of items for charity and food collection boxes are prohibited in the dining operations, as they are retail places of business.


The only form of free advertising space we allow is in the form of lobby tables at our Traditions locations. It is open to OSU departments, programs and student organizations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note:

  • Tables can provide information only; no sales are permitted. The table, or those staffing the table cannot interfere with student movement into or out of the dining facilities. Stopping at a table must be completely voluntary.
  • One table and two chairs will be provided.  You/your organization must man/stock the table with your materials.
  • Limited to one location/day and no consecutive days.
  • Only one group is permitted to host a lobby table at a time.


Lobby Table Request Form

Format: 614-123-4567

No more than 2 consecutive dates in a row are permitted